Why PayZrent?

Pay rent without checks

Residents usually use checks for only paying rent. Landlord’s business checking account can now securely accept digital rent payments from all residents.

Accurate accounting for Landlords

It is simple: keep track of all rent payments; reduce paper work; no more check errors, misplaced checks or incorrect deposit slips. It is now automatic.

One click rent payment

Automatic scheduling and email notification for one click rent payment.

Automated rent collection

Schedule rent for the entire lease term either by resident or by unit. Our system is easy to use. Customize email notifications for rent payments.

Deposit collections and refund

Collect and refund deposits. Finalize lease with a prospective resident who is out of state in days.

Easy landlord signup

Now it is even easier for landlords to sign up with our online form submission.

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How it works


After signing up landlords can schedule rent payments for residents.


Residents get email notifications when rent is due.


Residents can easily register their bank accounts and pay rent with one click.

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