It is easy to manage digital rent collection

Get more information on all our offerings, terms of use and paperwork required to sign up for our automated, affordable and scalable digital rent collection platform.

Automate rent collection with minimal supervision

Specify rent for entire lease term using our prescheduling feature. Flexible for large or small group of tenants. Easily edit, renew or add leases. Rents are directly deposited into landlord’s business checking account.

Prescheduling by tenant or by unit

Preschedule rent collection by tenant or unit when entering a lease; adapts well for couples or roommates.

Affordable pricing for business checking

Simple pricing of $10 monthly gateway fee and $0.50 per transaction. For 20 tenants it would be $1/tenant and for 100 tenants it would be $0.60/tenant.

Setup fast by importing your current tenant data

We can import your data for existing tenants using Excel to facilitate fast accurate setup.

Collect deposit and schedule all rent payments for lease

Collect and track deposit, first or last months’ rent and preschedule rent for lease term at lease signing.

Request for terms of use and user guide

We can email you our terms of use, user guide and required forms for easy sign up.

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Rent Roll packages Property Managers Online Software PayZrent
Landlord size Large Small to Large Small and Medium Small to Large
Cost $$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$ $$$ $
Free for tenants Sometimes Sometimes Sometimes Excellent
Tenant Satisfaction Good Ok Good Excellent
Landlord Satisfaction Good Ok Ok Excellent
Scalability Excellent Ok Ok Excellent
Pay By Tenant Sometimes Good Ok Excellent
Pay By Unit Sometimes Good Sometimes Excellent
Accounting Accuracy Excellent Ok Ok Excellent
Billing/Receipts Excellent Ok Sometimes Excellent
Import Current Data Sometimes Good Ok Excellent
Bundling of Services Excellent Excellent Ok Ok
Customer Support Excellent Excellent Sometimes Ok

Landlord Forms

These are the forms required for Landlords: